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POC, Pleusure Of Chatting, is now a simple chat in witch you found Server and Client program written in Java in order to be architecture indipendent. So if you a have a server pc you can first install JDK and then install POC Server program. ChatServer will open a new port (actually 2000 but in a newer stable version you can choose it) and will listen on it for Client request. Now all pc, that can resolve server ip and in witch you have installed JDK and POC, can chat eachother with Client program of POC. I suggest to use the last version of JDK that you can find here. In newers stables versions POC is going to be a full functionally Chat. I also hope to develope Client applet of POC, in order to use it directly online in an html page, and in order to simplify life of not experts users.

How does POC works?

Snapshot of POC

Source Program

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